Hair loss

Hairloss is the process when we see that the hair falls out.

Alopecia, compaired to the hairloss, is an already estabilished condition.

If the patient complains of hairloss, we should take the following questions:

  • when did the hairloss start?
  • if hairloss would stop, how long lasted the problem?
  • was it continous?
  • did the hairloss affect the whole surface of scalp or smaller area(s)?

Hair loss can be grouped by time, place, and life-cycle stage.

We distingwish two groups of hair loss, based on time:

  • acute hair loss: the main featur of this disorder, is that it crops out 3 months after the main cause has been occured, and it stops in 3 months. It occures suddenly, it is intensive, and usually a large amount of hair falls out. The pull test is positive.
  • chronic hair loss: in this case the hair is falling out continuously, even after 6 months.

Based on location, we can detect diffuse hair loss (when the whole scalp is affected), and local hair loss (when the hair falls out from special area(s), the scalp can be spotty).

Based on the phase of hair, hair loss can be:

  1. anagen hair loss : Severe diseases, acute problems can be associated with this type of hair loss, e.g.: poisoning, strong X-ray radiation, chemotherapy. In this case a new hair can be grown back to the original follicule.
  2. telogen hair loss:
  • we call acute telogen that case, when the phase of the hair growing shortens, so the anagen hairs die too soon. It occures suddenly, and stoppes in 3 months. E.g. diseases with high fever, sudden stress, change of contaceptives, ect.
  • acute diffuse telogen hair loss camn not be noticed in every case. the main reason can be the start/end/change of a contraceptive pill, start of a drastic or sudden diet
  • during a chronic telogen hair loss there is a continous damage, which is not so intensive but takes a long time. Less amount of hair falls out, but not not all at once. The main reason can be anaemia or asiderosis (iron-deficiency). It is recommended to send the guest to a general blood analysis, controlled by a doctor.
  • in case of a chronic diffuse telogen hair loss, probably the main cause can be liver-, kidney disorders, smoking, atherosclerosis, diabetes or vitamin deficiencies..

Acute and chronic hair loss may be combined, especially by a big trauma, blood loss, surgery (effects of anesthetic gases), extremely high fever or it also can occur after birthgiving, for 12 weeks during the breat-feeding.

Other reasons can also exist in the background of the problems, as:

  • sudden stress (mourning, birth, loss of job),
  • hormonal fluctuation,
  • pre-pubertal age (7-9 years old children),
  • first menstruation (cycle disorders, blood loss),
  • middle ages (when androgenetic alopecia begins),
  • ladies over 50-55 years, after the menopause, when the hair structure and quality changes, due to the lack of estrogen.

Basicly we treat hair loss and alopecia by using pur products with red colour-code, but thanks to its extremely intense regenerative effect, the yellow colour-coded AHA products are also very effective treatments, which can be combined with the red-coded products. Usually it can be said, that we use the red-coded products in case of hair loss and alopecia, because these can stimulate the hair bulbs to grow, and feed the healthy hair bulbs in the same time.

If we talk about baldness, when the growth of hair is our main goal, and strenghtening the new-grown hairs, the treatment is the most effective if we combine the products with red colour-code, with the AHA products. The hair loss and baldness is can refer to complex problems, diseases. This is the reason why we should keep in mind, that our goal is to grow out the hair, and keep a healthy condition of the hairy skin, together. This can be a quite long process, in severe cases the complete therapy can take even 1-1 ½ years. It is always necessary to highlight our guests about the duration of the treatment.

The hair loss and baldness can be an independent disease or a co-symptom to other diseases too.

Several symptoms can be associated with these problems, for example in case of greasy dandruff, the bacteria can damage the healty, grown hair bulbs, and the hair folicules too, and this damage do not let the new hairs to grow out in a normal way.

Psoriasis can cause hair loss too.

Greasiness and fungal scalp is a frequent co-symptom with androgenetical alopecia.