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Who we are?

The main profile of the Trichocenter Inc. is the analysis of the hairy skin. Our purpose is to treat the abnormalities of the scalp, maintain the healty conditions of hair and skin and last, but not least to improve the resistance.

The trichology, as a now born branch of science, formed from dermatology – has almost a 30 years old history in the world of scientific and natural medicine.

Trichology approaches the abnormalities of the hair and skin clearly more from a scientific, than a cosmetological view.

The examination requires a previous phone registration.

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How can we help?

Introducing trichology, as a scientific discipline:
The products, which were formed exactly with trichological purposes, were developed by the dermatologist professor, Dr. Enzo Formentini. These products combine the disciplines of the natural medicine and the newest dermatological scientific results. The products contain floral-herbal agents, and additionally to their therapic effect, they provide the nutrients which are needed to the normal operation of the hairs, and incites their growing.

Our main professional endeavor is we do not apply only symptomatic treatments – we explore the roots of main causes of the abnormalities, and help to cure them completely.

As a result, we are in continous professional cooperation with specialists and neuropaths, with whom we can discuss the special cases, and who can maker further examinations, if it is needed.


Hair and scalp examination with microcamera is a well known and accurate diagnostic method

Many changes -taking place within the bodycan be observed by the condition of the scalp, and by the lesions of hair and hair follicles. Lesions are very good reflections of our body, just like the eyes of the soul. In many cases, the examination might reveal a sign of a problem that we had never experienced before. The treatments are simple, they can be easily done at home, according to the regulations.Our specific therapeutic products restore the health of the scalp and hair.

Continuous consultation and monitoring of the patient’s healing process with control examinations is essential.

Micro Camera hair and scalp examination

By the trichological examinations, similar to the dermatologicals, the first step is when the trichologist examines the scalp with naked eyes, and detects the abnormalities and skin disorders. Unfortunately not all of the disorders can be seen by naked eyes, and even some extremely pathologic lesions can not be rocognised without a magnifying glass.

But thanks to the technological progress, nowdays there are several high-resoluted camera systems available in medical diagnoses, so as in trichology. Our special instrument, called the microcamera is a high-resolution imaging system, which was developed specially for dermatological testing. The main principle of the microcamera is that it can light the target area with three or four halogen lamps, which emit cold light. Thanks to this technology, the camera is capable of making an almost 300-400x magnification and exteriorize the image to the screen. The main benefit of the cold light, is that during an examination when we must place the camera as close to the skin as it is possible, the skin can not be exposed to high heat effect.

Main problems


Duration of the examination: between 30 min and 1 hour, but the duration of the treatment dependes on the main cause of the detected disorder(s).

ATTENTION: ..It is important, that you should not wash your hair 1 day before the examination!

+36 20 665 – 3355
+36 1 322 – 2126
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