Alopecia, baldness

Androgenetic alopecia:
Masculine type baldness, in connection with the male sex hormones, it can be shown in males and femails too.

Male androgenic alopecia:

The alopecia can be detected on the temples, and has a triangle shape. Usually it causes greasiness, and different types of abnormal hair bulbs. The proportion of terminal and babyhairs (distrophy) is 4:1. Normally it would be 7:1. In this type of alopecia, the testosterone (which gets into the cells of the hairbulbs) is transforming to dihydro-testosterone (DHT), and the hairbulbs take up too much testosterone, which means tat they wear out too soon. The main reason is the overactive alpha-5-reductase enzyme. This feature is inheritable.

Female androgenetic alopecia:

It starts in a circle on the top of the scalp. The hair bulbs are abnormal. The proportion of the terminal and distrophic hair bulbs is 4:1. It is also important to notice, that despite the fact nthat the appearance of this disorder can be connected to the testosterone, in this case the main reason is not the deviation of the testosteron level. If it would be the reason, our guest would already know about it, because other symptoms would also appear, which are referring to secondary masculine sex characteristics (e.g. strong, dark hair on arms, legs, ect..) The main reason can be operational problems of organs. hormonal fluctuation, fibroids or cycsts.

Types associated with hormone levels:

  • Increased testosterone induced androgenic alopecia
  • Testosterone deficiency induced androgenic alopecia (this is often amplified by the environmental factors)

The level of testosterone in the blood can be clearly analysed by endocrinological examinations.

For alopecia we use the AHA products, completed with products with red colour-code, if it is needed.

Two types of AHA products are used as therapeutic treatments:

  • AHA hair bath : it contains alpha hydroxyacids, long carbon chained fruit acids, vitamine-E, antioxidants and several other vitamines. It has an extremely intensive regenerative and anti-aging effect.
  • AHA ampoule : it contains hydrolysed silkworm proteins. We use it as a final step by treatments for alopecia, baldness, and aging skin. In case of long hair it can be ideal, because it helps to comb the hair easily, and hydrates the skin. It restores the natural balance of the hydrolipid layer.