Innovative Kid Shampoo

Bagno Fitoessentiale Per Bambini

The Bambini hair bath and baby wash is a special product that is extra sensitive to protect babies and kids from every harmful impact and still, thanks to its almond content, it prevents the cradle cap and makes it go away. It makes the baby’s skin dehydrated, it protects the hydrolipid barrier of the skin and if necessary rebuilds it, so the protective system of the skin can work perfectly.
This product is vegan as well and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. It can be used in the concentrated form but can be diluted arbitrarily. The recommended mixing ratio for a 5-10 ml hair bath is 10-20 ml of clean water. Into a baby wash, 2-3 drops is enough.

300 ml

Plastic Bottle

Gyerek sampon 300ml