Skin peeling

In case of skin peeling the guests complain usually of the same symptoms as at dry dandruff. However, dry dandruff is much more frequent. Itcan be detected by naked eyes too, white skinplaques are falling put from the hair.


With the microcamera, skin peeling and dry dandruff can be easily separated  from each other, because in case of skin peeling we can see bigger skin peaces peeling out from the surface of the scalp and falling out from hair. The skin is inflamed, even if can not see it because of the big plaques, so ampoules are not recommended because of their alcohol content.

This is an accelerated process of keratonization. It is possible to discharge the symptoms, we use the products with light-blue colour-code.


Main reasons:
  • sunburn
  • chemical effects (strong hydrogenation)
  • chemicals (perm)
  • extremely dry skin
  • lack of vitamine-C (mostly by elder guests)
  • lack of trace elements
  • redisposition, stress (manager disease, long stressful exam period for students, ect.)