This is one of the most frequent problems.
If the guest would tell us that the main problem is greasiness, too frequent haur washing, ect. – as first step, we should make sure that the guest’s problem is real. Our first question should be in this casaes, that ‘how many times does our guest wash his/her hair weekly’? Normally in urban environment we should wash hair maximum 2 times weekly, in the coutryside ot should be 1x per week. Also, our job can have influence on the frequency of the hairwashing too. For example: the hair of workers at steamy, humid workplaces (cook, confectioner), or construcion workers can get matted, dirty and greasy sooner.

If the working conditions do not justify the frequent hair washing however the guest feels necessary the hair washing 1-2 times daily, than probably the complaint is justified.

Greasiness makes the hair messy, collapsed and flattened.

Greasiness can be a detached disease, or can be associated as a symptom, to other disorders. To decide which is true in our case, we examine the roots of hair, with the same microcamera we have mentioned above. It is always necessary to ask the guest about the medical anamnesis. In case of greasiness the hair is always dehidrated. This isd the reason, why often guests tell us that the scalp is greasy but the end of the hair is extremely dry and have split ends.

Main reasons:
  • Diseases with inflammation
  • Genetical origin
  • Predisposition
  • Fluctuation of testosterone – estrogene level
  • Chronic stress
  • Gastroenterological disorders

If someone is susceptible to greasiness, than probably the skin is greasy not only on the skalp, but on the face and elsewhere. In these cases the skin can be shiny, acnes can appear on the surface or the guest can even complain of unpleasant smell.

If greasiness has a genetical background, or hormonal disorders are probable, we always consult with our endocrinologist, geneticist, gynecologist or other specialist colleagues, who can make further examinations to explore the exact main cause and provide a professional solution to our guests.

If chronic stress is the main reason for greasiness, the treatment shoud be local, when we obstruct the problem directly, we start the treatment by calming the irritated skin. It is important to know in this case, that this type of greasiness is caused by continous, invariant stress, when the cardiovascular system is overactive, so it is in state of readines continously. This state is transmitted forward as an synaptic information by the vegetative nerve system, which makes the follicules to produce more and more suet.