1. It purifies by biophisical way, preserving the natural pH level of the skin.
  2. It does not effect the stucture hydro lypid layer of skin on the head.
  3. It contains 8-36 active agents.
  4. It has biological origin.
  5. These are concentrates.

AHA + hair bath

The enhanced version of the AHA hair bath.
Its enriched scar tissue stem cell culture is extracted from green apple (Uttwiler Spätlauber).
Since stem cell therapy is widely known, plant stem cells effectively contribute to the life of human stem cells and increase vitality. It enriches the main cells in the hair follicles, helping them to proliferate, which enriches the hair. It also has an invigorating effect, which should be taken into account. Since it’s a concentrate, it must be diluted in a 2:1 ratio. Higher dilution ratio required on inflamed, congestive scalp.

AHA+ hair bath