Nowdays there are several high-resoluted camera systems available in medical diagnoses, so as in trichology.


Frequently asked questions

By the trichological examinations, similar to the dermatologicals, the first step is when the trichologist examines the scalp with naked eyes, and detects the abnormalities and skin disorders. Unfortunately not all of the disorders can be seen by naked eyes, and even some extremely pathologic lesions can not be rocognised without a magnifying glass.



But thanks to the technological progress, nowdays there are several high-resoluted camera systems available in medical diagnoses, so as in trichology. Our special instrument, called the microcamera is a high-resolution imaging system, which was developed specially for dermatological testing. The main principle of the microcamera is that it can light the target area with three or four halogen lamps, which emit cold light. Thanks to this technology, the camera is capable of making an almost 300-400x magnification and exteriorize the image to the screen. The main benefit of the cold light, is that during an examination when we must place the camera as close to the skin as it is possible, the skin can not be exposed to high heat effect.

Main problems:

Thin hair

Thin hair, split ends The thinning of hair can be caused by greasiness, when the hair can get less water, but there are other reasons which can cause thinning, as the hormonal fluctuation, birthgiving, breast-feeding, dehydration, ect… Usually in case of...

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Keratinosis Keratinosis is a natural defense resdponse of our body Keratinosis is a natural defense resdponse of our body, to the harmful environmental effects. The pollution can get into the scalp, where keratin surrounds it. It is not a pathological phenomenon,...

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Plaque psoriasis

Psoriasis, plaque psoriasis not infective! It is important to notice, that this disease is not infective. In each case the skin is inflamed, even if it is invisible by the examination with the microcamera. Derpending on the severity of the problem, our guests can...

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Alopecia, baldness Androgenetic alopecia: Masculine type baldness, in connection with the male sex hormones, it can be shown in males and femails too. Male androgenic alopecia: The alopecia can be detected on the temples, and has a triangle shape. Usually it causes...

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Hair loss

Hair loss Hairloss is the process when we see that the hair falls out. Alopecia, compaired to the hairloss, is an already estabilished condition. If the patient complains of hairloss, we should take the following questions: when did the hairloss start? if hairloss...

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Skin peeling

Skin peeling In case of skin peeling the guests complain usually of the same symptoms as at dry dandruff. However, dry dandruff is much more frequent. Itcan be detected by naked eyes too, white skinplaques are falling put from the hair.   With the microcamera,...

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Dandruff Dry dandruff, greasy dandruff   Basically, there is two types of dandruff. dry dandruff greasy dandruff   The dry dandruff is caused by a fungus, called Pityrosporon – it always falls out from the hair. Thy symptoms can be seen by naked eyes...

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Greasyness This is one of the most frequent problems. If the guest would tell us that the main problem is greasiness, too frequent haur washing, ect. – as first step, we should make sure that the guest’s problem is real. Our first question should be in...

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